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Událost Rok Popis
Doomwar 2010 Black Panther, Fantastic Four, X-Men a Deadpool vedou válku proti Latverianskému diktátorovi Doctoru Doomovi v pokusu svrhnout jeho impérium jednou pro vždy.
http://www.kocogel.info/index.php?topic=8817.0 2010 Navazuje na Fall of the Hulks. The plan of the Intelligencia is put in action plus the identities of the Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk are finally revealed.
Heroic Age 2010 With the Superhuman Registration Act abolished, a major change in the status quo of the Marvel Universe begins.
Shadowland 2010 A crossover event featuring street level heroes.
Second Coming 2010 The return of Hope Summers from the future. This event will conclude the trilogy (X-Men: Messiah Complex and Messiah War) that was focused on Hope, the first mutant born following the events of M-Day in 2005, which saw all but 198 mutants transformed into normal humans or dead.
The Curse of The Mutants 2010 After surviving the events of Second Coming, the mutants must prepare themselves for a new deadly threat that wants to consume mutantkind...and then the world!

Událost Rok Popis
http://www.kocogel.info/index.php?topic=8818.0 2009-2010 The smartest minds in the Marvel Universe are being captured by a group known only as the Intelligencia which is a collection of some of the smartest supervillains in the Marvel canon.
Siege 2009-2010 In the aftermath of Dark Reign, Norman Osborn invades Asgard.
Realm of Kings 2009-2010 The follow-up to War of Kings.
Necrosha 2009-2010 The once Black Queen of the Hellfire Club brings forth a new Inner Circle of deadly mutants as well as a new threat to the entire mutant population as she sets her plan into motion of becoming a goddess.
Nation X 2009-2010 A mutant nation has been created on Utopia, off the coast of California.
Utopia 2009 San Francisco has become a troublesome state in the USA. The mutant riots lead to the entire area being put into martial law & brings rise the "Dark X-Men."
Captain America: Reborn 2009 The woman that "killed" Captain America is the key to bring him back.
War of Kings 2009 Vulcan is rapidly expanding the Shi'ar Empire, while Black Bolt and the Inhumans become leaders of the Kree empire following the events of Secret Invasion, and a cosmic war begins, drawing in Nova, Darkhawk, the Starjammers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Messiah War 2009 Learning that Bishop was after Cable and the first mutant born since House of M, Cyclops had Beast develop time travelling devices so Cyclops could send his secret wetworks team, X-Force (consisting of Wolverine, Warpath, X-23, Domino, Vanisher, Archangel and Elixir) into the future after Bishop, hoping that they'll end the threat once and for all and the future of mutant kind will be safe in the hands of his son.
Dark Reign 2009 In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn grows to new heights of power as a beloved public figure taking over S.H.I.E.L.D. (re-christening the organization as H.A.M.M.E.R.), forming the Cabal, and founding the Dark Avengers (story arc begins in "Secret Invasion: Dark Reign", 2008[80] and "Secret Invasion #8", January 2009[81]; Dark Avengers first appear in "New Avengers #50", 2009[82] and "Dark Avengers #1", 2009[83]).
Secret Invasion 2008 A stealthy invasion by the Skrull race has gone unnoticed for years, but there is an even more secret purpose behind it (Main story arc in Secret Invasion #1-8, June 2008-January 2009)
One More Day 2007-2008 Spider-Man accepts a devilish choice to rewrite his own history in order to save Aunt May while sacrificing the greatest love of his life in the process (The Amazing Spider-Man #544, November 2007)[78].
Messiah Complex 2007-2008 When the first new mutant since M-Day is suddenly born, the X-Men, Purifiers and Mister Sinister go after it.
World War Hulk 2007 Following his exile into space (New Avengers: Illuminati One-Shot, 2006)[76], The Hulk returns to Earth to exact revenge on those responsible (World War Hulk #1, August 2007)[77].
Annihilation: Conquest 2007-2008 After the devastation of the wake of the Annihilation Wave, Nova, Starlord, Wraith, & a new Quasar (Phyla-Vell) lead a group of cosmic heroes against the Phalanx, who threaten to conquer and annihilate all of Kree space.
http://www.kocogel.info/index.php?topic=8961.0 2006-2007 Heroes are divided when the U.S. government passes the Super-human Registration Act. Captain America seeks freedom, while Iron Man seeks to institute the 50 State Initiative(main story arc in Civil War #1-7, July 2006-January 2007)[73]. Major events in the saga include Peter Parker's revealing his identity to the public (Civil War #2, August 2006)[74] and Captain America's death (Captain America #25 (2007)[75].
Annihilation 2006-2007 Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Nova, and Ronan face the Annihilation Wave.
Spider-Man: The Other 2005 Spider-Man goes through a mysterious, life changing event after facing the super villain Morlun (story arc begins in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1, December 2005)[72].
http://www.kocogel.info/index.php?topic=8962.0 and Decimation 2005 The Scarlet Witch alters reality, creating a world in which mutants are in charge but ultimately resulting in the population of the world's mutants brought to near extinction (main story arc in House of M #1-8, August 2005-March 2006)[71].
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong 2005 Jean Grey is resurrected by the Phoenix Force and becomes Dark Phoenix. The love that Cyclops and the X-Men have for Jean helps Jean take control over the Phoenix and merge with the Phoenix Force into one being, as was their destiny. Jean is now the White Phoenix of the Crown, ruler of all former Phoenix hosts and the highest avatar any Phoenix wielder can become.
New Avengers 2004-2005 Captain America begins to reform the Avengers after a mysterious attack at The Raft, a supermax prison, which freed dozens of super powered criminals (start of story arc in New Avengers #1, 2004)[70].
Planet X 2004 The mutant Xorn launches attacks on New York City, culminating in the death of Jean Grey, and prompting Professor-X to step down as leader of the X-Men (New X-Men #150, February 2004)[69].
Secret War 2004-2005 Nick Fury brainwashes several heroes in secret to start a secret war against Latveria, who he believes has been selling high-tech weaponry to super villains (Secret War #1-#5, Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury (2005)[68].
Avengers Disassembled 2004 Scarlet Witch goes insane and kills or incapacitates the current Avenger-roster, bringing to an end the Avengers as we knew them (main story-arc in Avengers #500-503, Avengers Finale, September-December 2004.)[66]. Meanwhile Thor brings about the end of Asgard (Thor #80-85, 2004)[67].
Infinity Abyss 2002 Mad partial-clones of Thanos try to destroy the universe.
The Kang Dynasty 2001-2002 Kang and his son Marcus declare war on present-day Earth, killing everyone in Washington DC and briefly taking over the planet.
Eve of Destruction 2001 A cure for the Legacy Virus has been released, providing Magneto with a brand new army of healthy mutants ready to wage a final battle against humanity.
Thor gains the Odin Force 2001 At long last Thor becomes the Ruler of Asgard, but at the cost of his father Odin who dies in a final battle with Surtur (Thor Volume 2 #36-44, 2001)[65].

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Omlouvám se to, že to je zatím všechno anglicky, je to pouze převzaté z Wiki, abych viděl jak to bude vypadat a držet tvar.
Kdo chce, může samozřejmě s překlady pomoci nebo vymyslet vlastní popis události na pár slov. Byl bych rád, pokud se lidi z fora zapojí. Rád bych aby tu případně fungovala i provázanost na existující profily postav v enc. na foru. Takže všem zdar a ZAPOJTE SE!

A tady je případně šablona:

[table][tr][td][smg id=#### width=185][/td][td]
[b]Originální název:[/b] [size=15pt] [b]#### [/b][/size]
[b]Český název:[/b] ####

[b]Vesmír:[/b] ####
[b]Rok:[/b] ####

[b]Scénář:[/b] ####
[b]Kresba:[/b] ####

[b]Hlavní postavy:[/b] ####

[b]Navazující na:[/b] ####
[b]Následující událost:[/b] ####

[b]Popis události:[/b]

[b]Checklist / Časová osa:[/b]



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